Dark Places and Other Worlds

Year 2010
Runtime 102 mins
Language English, French, Italian, Norwegian, Urdu

Rating: 18A

Immerse yourself in strangely familiar environments where one reality ends and another begins. When the lights go out, you will laugh and scream at tales of malediction, the darker side of life and alternate realities. Really, who needs an adventure vacation when you can spelunk, camp and dance with the devil all in an hour and a half?

Dance With the Devil (La Terrible Malediction)
French with English subtitles
DIRECTOR: Stéphane Papet, Belgium, 2010, 11 MIN
Lea’s car breaks down. Alone and lost, the last person she could possibly hope for comes to her assistance.

Still Birds (Alle Fugler)
Norwegian with English subtitles
DIRECTOR: Sara Eliassen, Norway, 2009, 12 MIN
In a post-apocalyptic universe, the only remaining people are children who have lost the ability to use language. A fable offering a glimmer of youthful utopian hope.
Official Selection Sundance Film Festival 2010

Italian with English subtitles
DIRECTOR: Fabio Grassadonia, Antonio Piazza, Italy, 2009, 19 MIN
Rita shelters a boy on the run. It’s a mysterious, enigmatic meeting that lets Ritaexperience a brief moment of freedom – different from the world in which she lives.

Little Miss Eyeflap (Skylappjenta)
Norwegian/Urdu with English subtitles
DIRECTOR: Iram Haq, Norway, 2010, 9 MIN
A magical tale about a young Norwegian/Pakistani girl who discovers another world past the eye-flaps.
Official Selection Sundance Film Festival 2010

Fish in Barrel
DIRECTOR: Randall Okita, Canada (BC), 2009, 11 MIN
A young man faces his innermost demons as his struggles erupt into visions that question what lies below the surface.

DIRECTOR: Jessie Mott and Steve Reinke, United States, 2009, 4 MIN
Watercolour animals violently debate the subject of body dysmorphia and the merits of reconstructive surgery.

Chloe & Attie
DIRECTOR: Scooter Corkle, Canada (ON), 2009, 8 MIN
Attie and Chloe share a secret, one that should be kept locked tightly away... from anything with a heartbeat.
Toronto After Dark Film Festival,
CFC Worldwide Short Film Festival

Road to Moloch
DIRECTOR: Robert Glickert, United States, 2009, 16 MIN
A team of marines follow a distraught man into a cave. What lies beyond the opening is unlike anything they’ve fought before.

The Legend of Beaver Dam
DIRECTOR: Jerome Sable, Canada (QC), 2010, 12 MIN
Campfire singalongs will never be the same after we crank up the volume and scream along to this musical gore-fest in the woods. Heads will rock ‘n’ roll!