Calgary International Film Festival is known for our acclaimed shorts program. Have trouble sitting through three-hour epics? These are for you. The Alberta Shorts Package films are chosen based on their commitment and support of the local filmmaking industry - whether the film’s been shot in the province, has a lead cast member, writer, director, or producer from Alberta. These films represent the emerging Alberta voices and a breadth of Alberta experiences and communities. The eight chosen films will screen 6:30pm on Sunday, September 22 at Globe Cinema. Click through to the films to watch their trailers.

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Lead scientist Lauren Wynne has discovered the secrets to human time travel. Now, as the first test pilot risks all to make history, there’s just one problem: they’ve fallen in love. The winner of two Alberta Film & Television awards, this is possibly the first film CIFF has screened from Grande Prairie. 


Making her short film debut at CIFF is Colombian-Canadian filmmaker Ingrid Vargas. Strung together by the Catholic Church, a confession booth, and the Rosary, ALL SAINTS is a voyeuristic and light-hearted character study with a strong commentary on womanhood, religion, and culture. 

CIFF veteran Trevor Anderson, who first screened at CIFF in 2005 and won the Alberta Spirit award in 2012 for THE MAN WHO GOT AWAY reflects on his fear of dating in this five minute short which premiered at Sundance Film Festival. 


Just an ordinary suburban family-- except that Dad's transgender, Mom's queer, and there are five kids in this minivan. This is one family’s true story of identity, trust, and transformation. Too many transgender kids wonder: Will I be loved? Will I get to have a family? Will it all be ok? Here's the answer: a love story about family, finding your true self, and becoming who you really are. 


Shot on 16mm, LAKE riffs off classic French vérité cinema to share a contemporary portrait of Métis women net fishing in Northern Alberta. It was created by Cree director and producer Alexandra Lazarowich, whose passion about telling indigenous stories has led to her films being screened all around the world. Last year her film INDIAN RIGHTS FOR INDIAN WOMEN won two Audience Awards at CIFF. In 2019 her film FAST HORSE about Indian Relay racing at the Calgary Stampede won her the Directing Award at Sundance. LAKE has an all female indigenous crew and was created through another program reflecting on a milestone - the 30th anniversary of NFB's Five Feminist Minutes.



Creator Sean Smith honours the memory of his great-great-great-great-great grandmother, Mary Mackagonne, a Swampy Cree woman who goes entirely uncredited in Canadian history. The wife of Peter Fidler, a map-maker for the Hudson's Bay Company, she lived the life of a trader, canoeing alongside him on his expeditions and contributing labour to the building and maintaining of forts while also caring for their fourteen children.

The story is based on entries from Fidler's journals. He and Mary and their Metis family are nearly running out of supplies and have lost most of their crew to the rival Northwest Company while Mary is nearly 9 months pregnant. A hired bully from the rival Northwest Company begins a reign of intimidation on the family - forcing them to make a decision for the sake of their family's safety.



This short film by 2016 Alberta Spirit Alumni Levi Holwell follows an immigrant employee working at a rural motel after he discovers that a guest has passed away in one of the rooms. While he waits for an ambulance to arrive and life at the motel carries on as usual, our protagonist struggles to navigate his way through a world where indifference is abundant and human connection is scarce.

Presented through the Indigenous lens, enter a world destroyed by a zombie apocalypse, where two men, Kirt (Derek Miller) and Will (Howie Miller) stand watch at the barricades surrounding the Rez. Both fighting to keep sane amongst the horrors of flesh starved zombies and haunting visions of a new impending threat that lies beyond death. Derek Miller is an Indigenous Canadian singer-songwriter/actor who has received two Juno Awards and performed at the Closing Ceremonies of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics. Howie Miller is Native American comedian/actor who has performed all over North America, including the Montreal "Just for Laughs" Comedy Festival.