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Birds of Passage

(Pájaros De Verano)

The visually stunning BIRDS OF PASSAGE takes us to the origin of the drug trade in the Guajira desert of Colombia. The film...

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Bleak Street

(La Calle De La Amargura)

Twin mini-luchadores Little Death (Juan Francisco Longoria) and Little AK (Guillermo López) are sidekicks to their regular lucha wrestler counterparts, Death and AK....

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Misfits, The

(Los Inadaptados)

Winner of the Guadalajara Film Festival audience award, The Misfits explores what can happen when people pretend to be who they’re not, and...

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Nora's Will

(Cinco días sin Nora)

Spanish with English subtitles

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The Night Guard

(El Vigilante)

An intelligent thriller where a construction site security guard becomes witness to an unexpected series of crimes and acts of corruption.

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The Reports On Sarah And Saleem

Sarah, a married Israeli from West Jerusalem, risks everything when she has an affair with Saleem, a married Palestinian from East Jerusalem. During...

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