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Birds of Passage

(Pájaros De Verano)

The visually stunning BIRDS OF PASSAGE takes us to the origin of the drug trade in the Guajira desert of Colombia. The film...

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El Amparo

EL AMPARO illustrates a true story of a 1988 incident near the border between Venezuela and Colombia.

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Embrace of the Serpent

(El abrazo de la serpiente)

Set in the early 1900s, a mesmerizing and soulful journey of three men into the Amazon. Theo (BORGMAN’s Jan Bijvoet) is a European...

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Karen Cries on a Bus

(Karen llora en un bus)

Feeling dissatisfied with what she has done with her life and realizing she no longer wants to be coddled and patronized by her...

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Virus Tropical

Born into an unconventional Ecuadorian family, Paola grows up moving between Ecuador and Colombia and finds herself unable to fit in any mold....

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