How much is the EXP Pass?  

The EXP Pass is $200.00 including tax.  

What do I get when I buy an EXP Pass? 

Besides a warm fuzzy feeling for supporting an important cultural event here in Calgary, you get one (1) ticket to the Opening Gala on September 19, 2013 and access to over 175 regular screenings.

Does this make me a VIP? 

We think that everyone who attends and participates in the festival is very important. This pass offers the opportunity to explore a wider range of films at the festival for the best price.

Will there be a special area for pass holders to line up?

Yes, we will have a clearly indicated line for pass holders at each screening.  Pass holders must arrive at least 15 minutes prior to film start.

What do you mean by "access to over 175 screenings"? Can you guarantee that I will get into every film that I want to see?  

We will hold a generous number of seats at every regular screening for pass holders, but your pass does not guarantee admission. We will begin by admitting the pass holders from the pass holder line until the allocation of pass holder seats is filled, and will admit additional pass holders space permitting. 

Can I share the pass with friends and family? 

No, the pass is non transferable. We will check on pass holders to make sure they are using a pass that is under their name. We reserve the right to revoke the pass if is not being used as intended.

What about the Opening Gala ticket? Can I give that to someone else? 

No, the Opening Gala ticket is also non transferable.  

What if I want to buy the pass for someone else? 

We think that is great, and love generous people. You simply need to inform the festival marketing department of your intention to gift the pass after you have made the purchase, but before it is first used, and we will then contact you to verify your information and the information of the person under whose name you would like us to register the pass. Contact kelly@calgaryfilm.com

After I buy the pass, how do I physically get it, and the opening gala ticket? 

We will start issuing passes at our festival box office at Eau Claire on September 6, 2013. You will need to bring picture I.D. and the credit card you used purchased the pass. If you have purchased multiple passes, say for your friends or family you can pick those up as well you just need to register their names with the box office. The Opening Gala ticket will be issued to you at will call for pass holders on the night of the event, September 19, 2013. 

What if, after I buy the pass, I find out for some reason that I can't attend the festival? Can I get a refund? 

The EXP Pass is non refundable, but if you want to gift it to someone before it has been first used, you can contact the marketing department and register the pass in someone else's name. 

What if my pass is lost or stolen?  

Simply contact the marketing department and we will cancel your old pass and reissue you a new one.  

Can I buy a pass in person at the Festival Box Office? 

That depends on how quickly the passes sell in advance. We have a limited number available for sale. If there are any left by the time we open the festival box office we will put them up for sale while quantities last.