Feeling Like A Future Filmmaker?

Every year as the festival approaches, we get to know a ton of filmmakers from all over - other countries and other provinces, of course, but also plenty of talented folks from right here in Alberta. In fact, sometimes we encounter people that seem like they really should be in the business, and we're always eager to help some budding filmmakers hit their first milestones.

Programmer Profile: Sachin Gandhi

Programmer Profiles is a brand new blog series that brings you into the life of our esteemed programmers. Through this series you will gain insight into the lives of the hardworking people who spend their days hunting the latest and greatest film releases. They are our tastemakers and curatorial geniuses, and they all have a story to tell. 

Need Some Hot Dates This Summer?

...if so, then we've got exactly what you need: some important announcement dates for the festival lineup over the next month!

Rather than throwing all 200+ titles out at once, we release our lineup in waves, with a different theme each week in August. Whether you're a fan of hard-hitting documentaries or cheesy, over-the-top gorefests, we make it easy to find the films you'll enjoy. Check the site for more information on the following dates, if you're itching to know what will be rolling into our theatres this fall!

A Stampede of Film Fans

It's July, which can only mean one thing here in Calgary: the Stampede is ready to get rolling once again! Whether you stuff yourself on free breakfasts, show off your finest Wranglers, or make it a point to hit every ride on the grounds, it's a fact of life in the city that the Stampede is part of who we are. And what's more, plenty of the fun stuff that goes on there are the same things that we highlight in our programming! Here are a few of the common themes that we share with our cowboy citizenry (that is, 99% of Calgary for the next 10 days), with examples from years past:

Win a trip to the 2017 Calgary International Film Festival


Have you always wanted to attend the Calgary International Film Festival but didn't plan far enough in advance? Do you 
know friends or family outside of Calgary that you want to introduce to the fest? 

We want you to join us for the 2017 Calgary International Film Festival! Check out this year's incredible prizes:

15 Canadian Films to Celebrate on Canada 150

We’re just a few days away from Canada’s 150th birthday, and like all the rest of our fellow Canadians, we’re eager to celebrate all the things that make the Great White North so, well, great! And as it turns out, we have a few things to boast about besides poutine, Tragically Hip concerts, and glow-in-the-dark $2 coins. We also have a burgeoning film scene – especially here in Alberta – and our filmmakers offer entertainment that rivals big-budget Hollywood movies in production and Shakespeare in quality of writing.

#OscarNoms in 140 contest: Vote for your favourite entry

We've collected all the entries and narrowed down the finalists to the Top 5. The winner will receive a pair of tickets to the Calgary International Film Festival's Oscar Party – A Red Carpet Affair: Celebrating Hollywood's Best this Sunday at The Palace Theatre. Voting closes at 11:59 p.m. on Wednesday, Feb. 22. Winner will be announced on Thursday, Feb.

#OscarNoms in 140 contest: Win tickets to A Red Carpet Affair

We've partnered with our friends over at CalgaryMovies.com to give away a pair of tickets to the Calgary International Film Festival Oscar® Party and Fundraiser, A Red Carpet Affair: Celebrating Hollywood's Best on February 26. 

How do you enter the #OscarNoms in 140 contest? 

Programmer Top Films of 2016: Guy Lavallee

Guy Lavallee, New American Cinema & Music on Screen Programmer highlights his Best of 2016 

I have to be totally upfront, I spend SO much of my time programming festival films and watching submissions that any time “left over” to see anything else is in precious short supply! Having said that, I saw a ton of films from many different sources in 2016, so this 10 Best List is a decidedly mixed bag of films I saw/programmed at a festival or at the multiplex, and all are currently available in theatres, Blu-Ray, and/or various streaming services.

Programmer Top Films of 2016: Brenda Lieberman

Programming Manager & Features Programmer Brenda Lieberman highlights her favourite films that she saw at 2016 film festivals