Programmer Top Films of 2016: Guy Lavallee

Guy Lavallee, New American Cinema & Music on Screen Programmer highlights his Best of 2016 

I have to be totally upfront, I spend SO much of my time programming festival films and watching submissions that any time “left over” to see anything else is in precious short supply! Having said that, I saw a ton of films from many different sources in 2016, so this 10 Best List is a decidedly mixed bag of films I saw/programmed at a festival or at the multiplex, and all are currently available in theatres, Blu-Ray, and/or various streaming services.

Programmer Top Films of 2016: Brenda Lieberman

Programming Manager & Features Programmer Brenda Lieberman highlights her favourite films that she saw at 2016 film festivals

Programmer Top Films of 2016: Brennan Tilley

Shorts Programmer Brennan Tilley lists his Top 10 Features and Shorts of 2016

Programmer Top Films of 2016: Sachin Gandhi

World Cinema Features Programmer Sachin Gandhi shares his Top Films of 2016

Oscar Nominations Announced

Early this morning the nominations for the 89th Academy Awards were announced. As expected, films which played the Calgary International Film Festival back in September received Academy love, as well as others with some interesting CIFF connections. 

Baby it's cold outside, but here are the 6 hottest docs on Netflix

To get you through the cold winter months, the Calgary International Film Festival's Documentary Features Programmer Alex Rogalski lists the hottest documentaries currently available on Netflix Canada.

If you're stuck making small talk at office parties or with distant relatives during the holidays, nothing helps more than having seen a few great documentaries to give you an air of sophistication (or bore someone so they'll talk to someone else). Either way you win, because you've seen some great films.

...And, Cut! CIFF 2016 Wraps Up

Mondays: much-reviled second sequel to the universally loved Saturday, and the bane of many existences. We rolled out of bed this morning (having just rolled into it mere moments before, from the feel of it) and realized - Monday's come, and that means the 17th annual Calgary International Film Festival is over! Only 353 more days until the next one!

Saturday Night (Film) Fever: Night #11

Well, here we are, rolling into the final hours of CIFF 2016. It's truly been an experience for everyone on staff, for our volunteers, and for every filmmaker who came along to show some love for their entries.

Friday's Fantastic Films & Fabulous Fans

We're in the home stretch! It's been quite the journey, but here we are, barrelling at full speed into the last weekend of CIFF 2016. 

Calgary Film's Old-Fashioned Thursday Throwback

Good morrow, fellow film fans! We hope this bright and sunny Friday is treating you well, especially since many of you might be recovering from yesterday's events.


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