Staying Up Late: Films That Bite

Remember those times when you were a kid, and you stayed up late to watch a cheesy, gory, horror movie, that you definitely weren't allowed to watch? Remember how fantastically fun it was to catch a glimpse of a scary swamp monster, or to watch the hero blast their way through a zombie apocalypse? In keeping with our yearly tradition, Late Shows programmer Brenda Lieberman has once again brought a full slate of gleefully grotesque shows for you to enjoy after everyone else has gone to bed.

Your LGTBQ2 Guide to Calgary Film

At Calgary Film, we value inclusion, acceptance, and all the different ways that people live and experience their lives - all leading to unique stories and a greater appreciation for our neighbours.

The Sisters Brothers

Full Lineup & Opening Gala Announced

The long wait is finally over!

This morning we announced our full lineup of films  that will be screening throughout the 12 days of the 2018 festival. From rowdy rom-coms and entertaining absurdism, to tearjerkers, genre-benders, and retro sci-fi, there's nearly 200 titles to choose from - and that means you're sure to find something you like. Here's a few top choices from today's announcement:

Our Shorts Programmers at ShortFest

This summer, our shorts programmers, Brennan Tilley and Karilynn Thompson, visited the Palms Springs Shortsfest to see some of the best up-and-coming short films and filmmakers from around the world. Here they recount their experience, just in time for the release of our shorts lineup


Hot Films, Master Directors & Headliners

There are great films, and then there are great films: the ones that can send tears rolling down your cheeks, make belly laughs echo through the theater, or bring an entire audience to a heart-stopping hush or a standing ovation. The theme this week is Masters & Headliners: the most anticipated films that take our breath away with their beauty, astound us with their art, and inspire us with their intense emotions and relatability.


Smuggling Hendrix Calgary Film

Between Places: 12 Films of Journeys and Destinations

Whether crossing physical walls, invisible borders, or simply different mindsets, life is defined by a constant state of motion and by the journeys from one state of being to another. These are films about the things that happen Between Places: those defining moments that set us on a new path, and bring us to new revelations about where we fit into the world.

Life on the Edge: Conflict, Chaos, and Courage

There is an old saying that every story ever told can be broken down to just one of seven basic plots, and at the core of each is one simple thing: conflict. Whether we're watching a man's will go head-to-head with a mountain, the internal struggles of a person in the process of losing everything, or joining the journey of people town from their homes and forced far beyond everything they know - we relate to them, we feel for them, and we can't help but cheer when they come out on the other side.

BAD REPUTATION, directed by Kevin Kerslake

Properties of Sound: Nine Musically Inclined Films

Introducing eight features and one short from our Music on Screen Series, Documentary Series and Shorts Series, all with musical inclinations. 

From the pounding drums of movie soundtracks to the soulful crooning of a singer on a dive bar stage, music accompanies us through all the journeys of our lives. It ebbs and flows, it intimidates and it motivates, and it conveys entire character arcs without having to utter a single word.

On The Ground In Halifax with Indie Filmmakers

Shorts Programmer Brennan Tilley has returned from a stop in at the Halifax Independent Filmmakers Festival as a Visiting Programmer. For five years now, HIFF has bought programmers from some of the world's most prestigious festivals to Halifax to meet with local filmmakers and watch their shorts, allowing Atlantic Canadians a unique opportunity to connect with film festival programmers from around the country and the world.  

Here's what Brennan had to say about the experience:

Festival Profile: Volunteer Lynda MacNeill

Festival Profiles is a blog series that brings you into the lives of the film festival staff and volunteers that dedicate their time and passion to put this festival on. Whether they've been with us since the beginning or are new to the team, these are the people that work year-round to make the festival happen. 


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