The CIFF 2016 Box Office is Open

That's right! The CIFF box office at Eau Claire is officially open for business!

This means that you can now buy tickets to all events and individual screenings, which you'll definitely want to do now that our full film lineup is out. We have more than 200 films and special events going on across 12 days, so head over to that link and you can buy tickets online (or make a plan to hit up the box office).

Eh-Plus For These Canadian Films!

It's been quite a year for Canadian culture. Half the country raised their glasses to The Hip's final concert, we scored 22 medals at the Summer Olympics, and a slight change to the national anthem had people talking all over the country. But one thing we can all agree on is that the Canadian films screening at CIFF this year are better than homemade poutine!

Ain't No Party Like A Trailer Party!

You know how you're in the theatre about to watch a movie, and the trailers come on, and you think to yourself, "Man, that looks awesome! All these trailers are done so well!" And then you daydream about how entertaining it would be to just watch trailers the whole time, instead of the actual movie? They are made up of the best parts, after all....

Well, you can't prove it didn't happen, so we'll just have to assume it did. And that's why we want to invite you to the first official CIFF Trailer Party!

What's up, doc(s)?

We’re so glad you asked! Because as it happens, all these docs – documentaries, that is – are fresh off the presses and ready for you to take in at CIFF 2016. We also have a new sponsor for our documentary series this year, Boardwalk Property Management. Many thanks for the support!

This year, our documentary lineup includes 16 Features as well as a short package. Here’s a handful of some of the docs we know CIFF audiences are going to love: 

Galas Galore!

If you're a fan of CIFF, but also a fan of getting fancy, then we've got some good news! Today we announced our galas lineup, those special few films that get an extra spotlight through the course of the festival. The screenings for these are a bit more in-depth than the others - they've got after-parties, cast and crew in attendance, special themes, and interactive sessions with the people who were involved in making the film. Check them out below!

Feel like staying up late?

If you've been to CIFF in years past, you know that one of our mainstays is the LATE SHOWS series - all the films that thrill, chill and scare you to your bones. In conjunction with our screening of the 2012 Late Shows selection, V/H/S, at the Ship & Anchor (sponsor of our Late Shows Series), we're announcing this year's list of films that are perfect for staying up past your bedtime.


Award-Winning Cinema

When you're surrounded by Hollywood glamour, sometimes we forget that the rest of the world produces some intensely moving and incredibly well-made films. In today's Second Wave of Film Announcements, we highlight Award-Winning World Cinema that will be screening at CIFF 2016. These films have already picked up awards from other major festivals and will be some of the most buzzed about films to hit the festival circuit this fall.


Music Selections

Here at CIFF we're always glad to highlight films that are based on music. We strive to find unique, interesting and well-made stories that feature music as a central character, whether it's hip-hop, rock n' roll, or operatic gospel revival. Last year, we kicked things off with the Hank Williams biopic I SAW THE LIGHT at the Opening Gala, and this year we've got a bunch of great music-based films for you to choose from! 

Top 10 Things You Might Not Know About Heartland

Hey Heartlanders! Hot on the heels of our big announcement last Wednesday, we've got some trivia for you about the show. Straight from a source on the inside, here's some information about Heartland that you may have never heard before! Did you know that:

1) Heartland is currently the longest running one-hour scripted drama in Canadian television history.

Showcase Alberta: Celebrating a Decade of Heartland

If you're a fan of CBC's hit show HEARTLAND, filmed right here in the Calgary area, then we have some good news for you.

On October 1, we'll be screening the season 10 premiere at Flames Central. You can attend the event, mingle with other fans, and get an early preview of what the next chapter of the story looks like. But this isn't just a "show up and watch" kind of event - we wanted to make it a true special experience. So we've pulled out all the stops to make it worth every penny.