Posted on September 13, 2019

Movies are better with beer! That’s why we’ve enlisted our friend Andi Kowalski from Tool Shed Brewery Company to give us her list of films you’ll want to drink to. 

Whether it’s to keep your nerves in order while taking in our Late Shows Series or a perfect pairing for a comedy, we want your CIFF experience to be amazing and Tool Shed is the perfect partner to make that happen. With a selection of beer and wine, including ToolShed's delicious People Skills Cream Ale, for just $7 at Eau Claire and the Globe Cinema, you can just sit back with a beer and enjoy all that the film fest has to offer. 


As a self-proclaimed “indoor-kid,” Andi Kowalski has harboured a long love for movies of every kind. Drawn mostly to dark comedies, documentaries and all things strange, she’s attended CIFF nearly every year since moving to Calgary in 2008. As a Manager at Tool Shed Brewing Company, she’s also apt to pair her films with a brew or two. She plunged into the craft brewing world at Fernie Brewing Company in 2015, but joined Tool Shed after moving back to Calgary in 2017. Tool Shed was one of the early craft breweries to open in the city, and Andi’s always working behind the scenes to keep things running so crafty cold ones are always on hand for Calgarians. 


Come as you are

One of my favourite movies as a teenager was But I’m a Cheerleader, and this movie definitely gives me a really similar vibe, though darker and thankfully less pink. With all of the current controversy surrounding conversion therapy, this seems like the right time to attack that institution in movie form.



Greener Grass

With an aggressively bright colour palette, an awkwardness that shook me deep down (so many adults with braces!!) and some of my favourite comedy actors, this film seems to me like a strange, Lynchian adventure and I’m so here for it.



I love a story about a creepy kid with a sinister imaginary friend so adding in the Calgary connection makes this one a must-see.

Z web v2



After growing up in suburbia, this film truly speaks to how disquieted I feel when navigating streets where everything looks the same. Add in a thriller element where the neighbourhood won’t let you out and I’m fully sold.   


Why Don’t you Just Die?

With ultra-violence, a very Edgar Wright style of editing and a colour palette that reminds me of Amelie, this movie confuses me to my core (which is a good thing).


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