Posted on September 28, 2018

We've arrived at the last weekend of the festival, meaning there are only two days left to catch the rest of this year's programming. Here are some of the films you can catch this Saturday - which are also the last ones that count towards the final Fan of the Year tally. We won't keep you reading long - there's plenty out there to see!

Fans of our Behind the Screen series will want to stop in for IN CONVERSATION WITH: LEONARD MALTIN AND JESSIE MALTIN, where the two film critics will be discussing how the industry is changing in the age of the internet and how they are staying relevant today. Our other special event of the day, the Closing Gala presentation of MAKING COCO: THE GRANT FUHR STORY, is sold out, but due to the incredible demand we have added an encore screening of the film, taking place at 9:50 PM at Eau Claire. Please note, however, that the encore screening tickets do not include entry to the after-party or the other gala celebrations.


Speaking of special events, there are some extra interactive performances happening for other films throughout the day, as well. The encore screening of LOVE, SCOTT - the unbelievable true story of a musician left paralyzed by a vicious homophobic hate crime, and his road to recovery and forgiveness - will have a men's choir in house to entertain the crowd before the show. The documentary UNITED SKATES, about the decades-long rise and decline of the roller rink culture in America, will also have roller skaters in the lobby of Eau Claire to help spread the word about the sport. 

If you prefer your documentaries served neat, grab a seat for SATAN & ADAM, the incredible story of two polar-opposite musicians who met on the Harlem streets in the mid-80s and have been creating music ever since. Audiences have been buzzing about this film, which won the Grand Jury Prize at the Nashville Film Festival earlier this year!


A little closer to home here in Canada, the Ontario-shot TIFF feature GIANT LITTLE ONES is having its second screening at Eau Claire. A heartfelt coming-of-age film, it brings us into the world of two teenage boys who have it all - until a drunken birthday party changes everything about how they look at the world. Also from Ontario, I'LL TAKE YOUR DEAD is hitting screens again after its world premiere on Thursday evening, with producer Chris Giroux in attendance to talk about the movie. It stars Aidan Devine in a powerhouse performance as a father, forced to enter the criminal world of body disposal in order to protect his daughter, only to run into trouble when one of the victims delivered to his door isn't dead yet.

Even closer to home than that, the locally-shot MAN RUNNING from director Gary Burns is playing at Eau Claire in the early afternoon. Starring Gord Rand as a doctor plagued by personal and professional problems, it features many nearby locales and some excellent cinematography from the Rockies.


Heading overseas, the award-winning Swedish comedy AMATEURS is back on the big screen, telling the story of a group of outcast Swedish townsfolk, attempting to make an unofficial commercial that will woo a German superstore chain to their town - much to the dismay of the town council and the actual film crew hired to make a proper commercial. Film buffs looking for something more serious would do well to get tickets to WE, THE DEAD, Edmund Yeo's drama about a woman sucked into the harsh underworld of Malaysian refugee trafficking, and the increasing difficulty she has in escaping from it as she likewise tries to flee the country. Yeo will also be in attendance after the show for a Q&A too! From Europe, the darkness of DOGMAN - despite its winning of the Palme Dog for Best Canine Actor - has already got audiences talking all around the world for its raw portrayal of a mild-mannered dog groomer who has unfortunate run-ins with a former boxer that moves to his neighborhood, and how his choices have long-lasting and uncontrollable consequences.

Venturing just south of the border to the United States, LOCATING SILVER LAKE has been making waves with its strong cast and relatable story about an aimless and mundane college grad who moves to the LA neighbourhood of Silver Lake, meeting all kinds of interesting characters - and getting involved in all kinds of stories with them - as he settles in to his new life. In a more rural setting, a group of punk rockers on the run from the law hide out in a forest cabin in THE RANGER, only to find that the at-first-friendly park ranger that they meet is anything but...and that it may be too late to get away from him.


The last film of the evening, THE HOUSE THAT JACK BUILT is one of the more controversial ones of the entire festival, coming to us from Danish director Lars von Trier. It's the story of Jack, a ruthlessly intelligent and self-aware serial killer who knows that the police are getting close to him - but he simply cannot stop his drive to kill, and he becomes more detached from reality as the net draws tighter around him. Catch it at Globe Cinema at 10:15 - but the last screening sold out, so you should act fast!


We're in the last weekend of the festival, and that means it's time for the Awards Party! Taking place on Sept 30 at Junction - Food, Stage, and Bar, it's a free event but will be limited by capacity, so plan to come down early. We'll be announcing the winners of our juried awards, including a $10,000 prize for Best Canadian Feature and the $2,500 Best Overall Short winner, which allows entry for Academy Award consideration. We'll also be revealing the 2018 Fan of the Year for the person who's seen the most films at this year's festival!

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