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Sept 27: Thursday at the Theatre

The weather outside is wet and cold, so what better way to spend your Thursday than to go be warm in one of our festival venues, with a big bag of popcorn? Here are some of the great film choices you've got this evening - though we're not sure how you can choose when the options are this good! There are still a few days left in the festival as well, so if you'd like to see more, grab one of our ticket bundles - they come in packs of 6, 10, or 20, which you can even share with your friends - and head over to our full festival lineup to see what's playing over the coming weekend.


In true festival fashion, we've got several groups of filmmakers in town to talk about their movies and the processes, inspirations, and themes behind them. Walking the red carpets tonight will be the director and actors from THROUGH BLACK SPRUCE, a Canadian film based on a book about a Cree family hit hard by the disappearance of a young woman in Toronto, and the way that the impact trickles through the lives of her sister, uncle, and others. That's going down just after 6 at Eau Claire, before the show. Over at Globe Cinema around 9, cast and crew from I'LL TAKE YOUR DEAD  - having its world premiere right here in Calgary! - will be doing their best red carpet poses before sitting in on the film and fielding some questions at a Q&A afterwards. Telling the tale of a man who runs a "body disposal" business for local criminals, his world is flipped when a woman is delivered to his door, but she is still alive. Pursued by the would-be murderers, the man must decide how deeply to get involved in the woman's life before it's too late.


For overseas films, there are some heavy hitters dropping in to our theatres tonight as well. The Iranian award-winning director Arash Lahooti makes his fictional debut with ORANGE DAYS, a tense drama about a lone dedicated woman in the cutthroat orange industry, beset on all sides by men hellbent on sabotaging her operations and running her out of the business. And coming to us all the way from Malaysia, Edmund Yeo brings WE, THE DEAD, an award-winning film about a woman who takes a job trafficking refugees, in order to leave Malaysia behind once and for all - only to find that the world she's entered is not so easy to leave, and much darker than she ever considered. Yeo will be in attendance at the show, and doing a Q&A afterwards.


For documentary fans, there's the second screening of SHARKWATER: EXTINCTION, a sobering look at the state of the world's oceans and the final film of director Rob Stewart, who tragically passed away while filming and whose parents took over to ensure the doc was completed and achieved the vision Stewart wanted. There's also THE HEAT: A KITCHEN (R)EVOLUTION, one of documentary programmer Alex Rogalski's top picks, which highlights seven of the world's top female chefs and the lengths they go to in order to stay competitive, innovative, and strong in their field. From New York City to French urban centres, it's an eye-opening look at the world - and the world of fine dining.

Over at our newest venue, the National Music Centre at Studio Bell, UP TO SNUFF is having its first screening at 9:30. About the life and works of W.G. "Snuffy" Walden, this multi-award-winning doc showcases the incredible creativity and influence of one of the most prolific composers in modern history, who has written the theme songs and scores to shows like ROSEANNE, THE WEST WING, FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS, THE WONDER YEARS, and dozens more. With interviews from Aaron Sorkin, Martin Sheen, Eric Burdon, Fred Savage, and others, you can get an up-close look at the television industry and the man who makes these shows come alive with music.


We're entering the last few days of the festival, and that means it's time for the Awards Party! Taking place this year at Junction - Food, Stage, and Bar, it's a free event but will be limited by capacity, so plan to come down early. We'll be announcing the winners of our juried awards, including a $10,000 prize for Best Canadian Feature and the $2,500 Best Overall Short winner, which allows entry for Academy Award consideration. We'll also be revealing the 2018 Fan of the Year for the person who's seen the most films at this year's festival!

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