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From Page to Screen: Film Adaptations of Books & Plays

Sometimes you read a good book, or you see a phenomenal play, and you can't help but wonder what those stories would look like on the big screen. Rest assured that you're not alone in this - and the directors of these films felt the same way! Here are some of this year's top picks that are adaptations from plays or books, many of which were award winners before they ever had the screenplay written. Pick up a bundle of tickets - 6, 10, or 20 - and see them all, and see the rest of our full lineup here!



Playing today as part of the Generation Next series, and again on Sept 29, THE MISEDUCATION OF CAMERON POST is a timely and relevant tale about a young girl sent off to "gay conversion" camp. A misfit in a group of other misfits, the titular Cameron learns all about how she's different from - and similar to - the outcasts that society judges flawed. It's based on the 2012 novel by Emily Danforth, and won the Grand Jury Prize for a dramatic feature at Sundance 2018.

Also playing today is the second screening of KEELY AND DU, a Canadian production about a woman held against her will in a remote Ontario cabin, forced to continue her pregnancy by an extremist anti-choice group. The play that the film is based on was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize when it originally premiered in 1993, and the subject is now even more sadly relevant than it was 25 years ago. Another drama, the Italian DAUGHTER OF MINE, which has garnered 11 nominations in its festival career so far, tells the story of a 10-year-old girl who discovers that her birth mother is actually a local woman, known for her irresponsible partying. Attempting to reconnect before her birth mother leaves town, much to the dislike of her adoptive mother, the girl becomes increasingly torn between the two women.


On September 27 and 28, you can catch THROUGH BLACK SPRUCE, about a Cree woman who goes missing in Toronto and the impact that it has on her family in northern Ontario. As her sister attempts to follow the threads left by the disappearance, and her uncle encounters threats and violence from seedy friends who believe he is involved, the tension in this one - based on a 2008 Scotiabank Giller Prize-winning book - continues ever upward. Also on Sept 28, don't miss MOUTHPIECE, starring as its leads the two original actresses who wrote and starred in the award-winning play. It follows Cassandra, determined to write a eulogy for her mother, and struggling to identify the source of their constantly-strained relationship and the impact it has had on her life. 

During the last weekend of the festival, you won't want to miss TRANSIT on Sept 29, a smartly modernized version of the bestselling book about a German war refugee trying to seek safe passage to Mexico. Stopping in Marseilles, he steals the identify of a dead writer named Weidel - only to be caught short when Weidel's wife finds him. An introspective take on love, war, and what we do in the name of either, the film won Best Film at the Nuremberg Film Festival this year. On Sunday, Sept 30, the darkly twisting Dutch entry WE, based on the controversial novel by Elvis Peeters, is one of the final films of the festival this year. In it, a group of bored teenagers whiling away their summer hours come up with a game of challenges to pass the time - but soon the game devolves into territory that none of them anticipated or expected, and the last of their innocence is stripped away right before our eyes.



The 2018 festival will wrap up on Sunday, September 30 with our Awards Party, where we will reveal the winners of the juried awards and the Fan of the Year  contest. It's a free event at Junction - Food, Stage, and Bar, but it is limited to venue capacity so plan to show up early if you want to join us!

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