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Dazzling Date Night Films

Looking for that perfect date night film? Whether you’re out with family, friends or that special someone, we have no shortage of films about the many ways human beings connect with one another and show their love. Get ready to cry, laugh and hug your movie date, because this list of films will get you right in the feels!

See a few of them with our ticket bundles - in packs of 6, 10, or 20, which are easily shareable with the person you want to bring. Or make it a double (triple? octuple?) date and spread the love of film even further! Get showtimes for these films and all the others through the week with our full lineup and schedule.


Saturday, Sept 29, 11 AM @ Eau Claire 1

Rising stand-up comic Nina (played by Mary Elizabeth Winstead in a powerhouse performance) struggles to balance her profession with her chaotic personal life. She moves to Los Angeles where she meets Rafe, who challenges almost every preconception she has -- including those around her own deeply troubled past.


Friday, Sept 28, 9:30 @ Eau Claire 3
Sunday, Sept 30, 8:30 @ Globe Cinema Up

Desperate for money to save his grandfather, Javi, a south Texan farm hand, resorts to extreme measures - and finds himself having to cross the border as a drug mule in order to collect a cool 10k. In Emmy-winning cinematographer David Blue Garcia's electrifying feature film debut, nothing is going to come easy. Javi is forced to choose between his grandfather and the love of his life, showing what desperate people will do in times of extreme pressure.


Sunday, Sept 30, 6:00 @ Eau Claire 6

Belle, a twenty-something prodigal daughter returns home to Nova Scotia for her father's funeral. Belle has long been at odds with her conservative mother Nancy, who took it hard when Belle came out as a lesbian teenager. Belle wants to avoid upsetting her mother again in her time of mourning, so she's desperate to keep secret that she's been dating a man for two years.


Friday, Sept 28, 9:30 @ Eau Claire 6

Isaac Bruno is an astronomer obsessed with searching the cosmos for signs of life beyond Earth, despite the collapse of his personal life right in front of him. His relentless research of the night sky leads him into the path of unqualified but confident amateur astronomer named Clara. Working together, their effort ultimately leads them to a shocking and profound scientific discovery. Canadian director Akash Sherman’s second feature film, is an emotionally intense, relationship sci-fi drama. 


Don't forget about this year's Behind the Screen programming, featuring talks and discussions by industry insiders about the inner workings of making a film come to life. And after the show, head over to our festival hotspot Paper St. to talk about the movie over some cold drinks and fantastic food!

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