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Staying Up Late: Films That Bite

Remember those times when you were a kid, and you stayed up late to watch a cheesy, gory, horror movie, that you definitely weren't allowed to watch? Remember how fantastically fun it was to catch a glimpse of a scary swamp monster, or to watch the hero blast their way through a zombie apocalypse? In keeping with our yearly tradition, Late Shows programmer Brenda Lieberman has once again brought a full slate of gleefully grotesque shows for you to enjoy after everyone else has gone to bed.

ASSASSINATION NATION screens on early at the festival - a group of high school friends must band together to survive the night after a malicious data hack turns their entire town against each other in a glorious free-for-all. TIFF fans awarded the film second runner up in the Midnight Madness Audience Award, don't miss it! 

ALIVE., the latest film from Canadian director Rob Grant is a locally-shot fright flick. Two people who wake up injured in an abandoned hospital, under the watchful eye of a sadistic caretaker who refuses to give them any information about why he is keeping them there - or how they got their injuries. 

Next up is CLIMAX, an ethereal fever dream of colours and sensory overload. Coming from director Gaspar Noé, he tells a hypnotic and hair-raising story about a troupe of dancers who - after hitting an empty school building to rehearse - find out they've been drinking sangria laced with LSD. A roller-coaster of cinematography that goes from euphoric peaks to violent lows along with its cast, it's a film that can't properly be described with words.

I'LL TAKE YOUR DEAD is getting a lot of buzz, since its first screening at the festival in Calgary will be its World Premiere, and director Chad Archibald will be in attendance! In it, a man who has reluctantly built a business out of body disposal for a local gang runs into trouble when one of his "projects" turns out to still be alive when she arrives at his house.

Another Canadian entry - and another World Premiere for Calgary Film! - SUPERGRID is the story of a near-future, post-apocalyptic Canadian landscape, filled with smugglers, gangs and rebels. Two brothers must get onto the "Grid" and deliver some mysterious cargo in an action-packed homage to the glorious B-movies of the 1980s, like ROBOCOP and ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK. Plus, director Lowell Dean will be in attendance to answer some questions after the screening.

If you prefer your movies to be more serious in tone, you also won't want to miss THE DARKabout an undead teenage girl teaming up with a blind boy who inhabits the same woods that she does - and their attempts to overcome the horrific abuses they've both previously suffered. Then again, if you like your horror with a side of hilarity, pop in to a screening of MEGA TIME SQUADin which a scheming, two-bit thief discovers an ancient time-travel device, using it to great criminal effect.

For all the punk lovers out there, THE RANGER promises tension and terror for a group of punk rockers taking refuge from the law in a secluded cabin, guarded by a suspicious park ranger -  all set to a soundtrack of put-em-up punk rock tracks that make it a truly unique entry in our program this year.

To check out these and all the rest of our lineup - as well as venues, showtimes, and any other information - head over to our Film Guide and explore all that we have to offer this year. Our Festival Passes and ticket bundles, as well as tickets for all individual films, are now on sale. For a quick rundown on how to get the most out of the fest, check out our How-To Guide.