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Q&A with A Red Carpet Affair Host Kathy Le

For the third consecutive year CTV's Kathy Le will be back as our host of A Red Carpet Affair, Calgary's only official Oscar Party. Ahead of the big night, we sat down with Kathy Le to find out what the audience can expect from this year's party, and which films she'll be rooting for on Oscar night. 


What was your favourite moment from hosting the Oscars last year? 

Interacting with audience members. I emcee a lot of events and this is one of the unique ones where I feel like I’m performing and putting on a show! So much fun! 

What can film fans expect from this year's A Red Carpet Affair?

A lot of outfit changes again! It’s the Oscars so why not? It’s going to be fun and full of energy. 

Which film are you hoping will take home Best Picture? 


Who is the one actor you want to see take home an Oscar?


Any tips for returning host, Jimmy Kimmel on how to avoid hosting mishap like the one that took place last year?

LOL .. was it really a mistake? Ok … if some people still think it was than here’s what I think. As much as I felt sorry for the LA LA LAND team, the “mistake” got people TALKING and talking = big ratings. So really … the night was a success. J

What are some of your favourite memories watching the Academy Awards growing up? 

When Halle Berry makes history in 2002 as the first black woman to win the Best Actress category for MONSTER’S BALL

See Kathy Le host a Red Carpet Affair Oscar Party on March 4. Tickets ($85) to the Oscar Party & Fundraiser are still available. Click here to buy

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