Posted on August 31, 2017

We're right in the midst of Pride Week here in Calgary, which runs from August 25 to September 4. With special events, awareness campaigns, and one of the biggest yearly parades in the city, it's a time for everyone to come together and celebrate love in all its forms. At the Calgary International Film Festival, we value inclusion, acceptance, and all the unique stories that filmmakers around the world have to tell. That's why we're proud to bring films that highlight stories from the LGBTQ community - love, drama, injustice, and all the rest, whether factual or fictional. Here's a list of some of this year's top Pride-friendly films!

One of the most buzzworthy titles hitting our screens is CALL ME BY YOUR NAME, based on the novel by AndrĂ© Aciman, which focuses on the steamy summer tryst between two male students in the Italian countryside. We also have the comedy SIGNATURE MOVE, about a Pakistani woman living in Chicago who is pushed to confront her lesbian sexuality while under the scrutinous eyes of her overbearing mother - and the director Jennifer Reeder will be in attendence at both screenings to discuss the film! A third version of the "forbidden love" tale can be found in A FANTASTIC WOMAN, which deals with the themes of transphobia, sexism, relationships among people of different generations, and the misconceptions that many people have without even realizing it.

Looking for something introspective and dramatic? Head in to see NEVER STEADY, NEVER STILL, where the exaggerated machismo on the Alberta oil rigs sets the backdrop for a confused young man's sexual struggles, all while he deals with an ailing mother. If you think you might enjoy something a bit more exotic, you can't go wrong with Julia Solomonoff's NOBODY'S WATCHING, in which a well-known Argentinean actor flees from a toxic relationship with his good-looking producer - and then flees the country itself, finding himself fighting to get steady work in America.

For those that love celebrating drag, mark your calendars for the documentary REBELS ON POINTE, about an irreverent, yet highly skilled, cross-dressing ballet dance troupe in New York. On the fiction side, THE MISANDRISTS is a stroll down a strange path into a world of eroticism, feminist fighters, and a nascent female revolution, when an injured man finds himself cared for by a school of wayward girls who are up to much more than they let on.

Now that the full lineup is out, you can look over our schedule and start planning for all the great films you want to see. And speaking of great films, did you know that all of our screenings this year are fully licensed? Or that we have "happy hour" during the week - you can pick up a ticket for $10 and a Big Rock beer or cider for just $5, for all films starting before 6:30 pm on weekdays! 

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