Posted on July 20, 2017

...if so, then we've got exactly what you need: some important announcement dates for the festival lineup over the next month!

Rather than throwing all 200+ titles out at once, we release our lineup in waves, with a different theme each week in August. Whether you're a fan of hard-hitting documentaries or cheesy, over-the-top gorefests, we make it easy to find the films you'll enjoy. Check the site for more information on the following dates, if you're itching to know what will be rolling into our theatres this fall!

1st Wave: Highly-Anticipated Films, August 2 - winners of major festival awards, special connections to the Calgary International Film Festival, and films that our programmers are extremely excited to bring to Calgary. Be the first to hear our programming team announce these selections by tuning into our Facebook Live Announcement at 11 am. 

2nd Wave: Showcase Alberta, August 10 - we can't help but be proud of our little province, tucked away over here in the west. If a feature film was made, produced, shot, or otherwise worked on in Alberta, here's where you'll find out about it! 

3rd Wave: Shorts, August 16 - having trouble sitting through three-hour epics? No worries, we've got your back! Get your quick and easy fix with our fine assortment of short film packages.

4th Wave: Late Shows, August 20 - this is one of our favourites! Every year we partner up with our Late Shows Series Sponsor the Ship & Anchor Pub on 17 Ave for a screening of a cult classic horror movie. We eat way too much popcorn, have a few Big Rock beverages, and we announce the lineup of scary, creepy, gory, and just plain off-the-wall films that are coming to town. Interested in joining us for the party? More information on the event here. RSVP on Facebook & share with your friends. 

5th Wave: Documentaries, August 23 - from the value of eating insects, to a Santa competition in Scandinavia, to a group of would-be moon colonists, we've had some pretty interesting stories show up in our documentaries over the years. We're more than happy to continue the trend this fall!

Festival Launch and Full Lineup, August 30 - even after all those announcements, we've still got plenty more to share! On August 30, we'll be releasing the full schedule of films, complete with trailers and synopses for them all. More details to follow, but you can consider yourself invited!

Trailer Party, September 8 – last year we threw our first ever trailer party, and wow, does our audience love trailers! This year we'll be back at Globe Cinema to screen the trailers of the films playing this year's festival, complimented with lots of fun activities, Big Rock beverages, and free popcorn.  

18th Calgary International Film Festival, September 20 – October 1 – if it isn't in your calendar yet, save the dates! Early Bird Packs & Passes for the 2017 festival are on sale now. Don't let summer go by without picking up your tickets to the 2017 fest. 

We'll catch you all on the 2nd (and 10th, and 16th, 20th, 23rd, and 30th) of August!

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