Posted on October 3, 2016

Mondays: much-reviled second sequel to the universally loved Saturday, and the bane of many existences. We rolled out of bed this morning (having just rolled into it mere moments before, from the feel of it) and realized - Monday's come, and that means the 17th annual Calgary International Film Festival is over! Only 353 more days until the next one!

We buckled down hard for the last day of events this year, and planned a full schedule that would be worthy of ending such a great twelve-day run. The day kicked off with screenings of our Audience Selected Encores - including MANCHESTER BY THE SEA, ROAD TO LA PAZ and THE SALESMAN - while visiting filmmakers dropped in at films like THE OPEN, WE'RE STILL TOGETHER and ROSA CHUMBE.

A few hundred lucky people also saw our late addition to the schedule, MOONLIGHT, in its only slot of the festival.

And while people packed into theatres for the final screenings of DENIAL, KISS AND CRY, GIRL ASLEEP, SONITA, and many more, we hosted two Behind The Screen events. First we stopped at Solid Green studios, where they showed us how movie effects are made, and then we hit Inkcubator Theatre in Eau Claire to have a lively Great Sexy Debate, about sex scenes in film. It was a great way to round out a Sunday afternoon.

Of course, the big blow-out bash of the day - and of the festival, really - was the Closing Gala at Theatre Junction GRAND, where Robert Cuffley and his cast & crew presented CHOKESLAM. The sold-out screening was lively long before showtime, with big names hitting the red carpet and many local Calgarians from the film industry attending to show their support.

Afterward, we mingled and raised our glasses at Workshop Kitchen + Culture, and the libations lasted long into the night.

Really, though - to all our friends, neighbours, colleagues and fans; to Calgarians and Albertans and worldwide visitors alike: we are so incredibly grateful for the support you showed this year, and for allowing us to entertain you over the last two weeks. Whether you listened to our tall tales about the RCMP catching speeders with maple syrup, or joined us on our travels to Paper St, State & Main, or anywhere else within walking distance, or simply just let us know that your time in our city was welcoming and warm - thank you, thank you, thank you. These twelve days are what we work for, all year, and seeing it all come together is an experience like nothing else. 

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We already can't wait for next year, and we'll be back at it on Wednesday when we announce our 2016 Audience Award Winners. To relive this year, visit our Facebook page for photo albums and information, or check out our feeds on Twitter and Instagram at @calgaryfilm. You can see our Highlights Page, or cruise over to our 2016 Festival Experience Recap to see videos, interviews and more from this year's festival. And be sure to check the website in a few weeks to get all the stats in our 2016 Festival Report, full of lovely infographics with all the details you could ever want about CIFF.

THANK YOU to all volunteers, staff, family and friends! We'll see you around!

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