Posted on September 28, 2016

Happy Wednesday everyone! We're now officially into the second half of this year's festival, and we couldn't be happier with how things are going.

Yesterday was a big day all over downtown! We kicked off the afternoon at a Behind the Screen event with Canadian documentarian Alanis Obomsawin, whose film WE CAN'T MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE TWICE is screening this evening (6:30 @ Globe Cinema upstairs) and tomorrow. Later on came the second sold-out screening of THE SALESMAN, one of the biggest hits of CIFF so far this year (so popular that we've added a third screening on Sunday, October 2), along with the highly anticipated Chilean film NERUDA. But nestled between all the documentaries and the Oscar® contenders, we had ourselves a green old time!

We welcomed filmmakers Ian Toews and Mark Bradley from BUGS ON THE MENU to Globe Cinema last night, where a packed theatre learned all about the future of food consumption in North America. Set up outside as people waited in line, the folks from Family Freezed provided popsicles with some unconventional insect toppings to the venturesome moviegoers. A few choice comments from people in line included how "they're actually not that bad. It's more of a mental block"; that "the mealworms make it feel like coconuts"; and that "the wings and the legs are the hardest to get past...but hey, the mint is a nice touch!"

Even Ann Marie Fleming, the director of one of today's big films, WINDOW HORSES, showed up to sample the goods.

Think of them as a garnish, right? @bugsonthemenu @calgaryfilm #calgaryfilm #calgary #garnish #icepops

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And afterwards, everyone hopped across the street to Paper St, where we had some cans of - what else? - Grasshopper, graciously provided by Big Rock Brewery. A huge thank you to Swizzlesticks, Community Natural Foods, and Chapul for helping us out with sponsorships and swag bags so everyone could get on the cricket train (and look good doing it!)

Elsewhere, we had director Scott Rosenbaum of SIDEMEN: LONG ROAD TO GLORY participate in a Q&A at Eau Claire, and director Dave Schultz of CONSIDERING LOVE AND OTHER MAGIC at his premiere, upstairs at Globe Cinema. Trivia fans took part in our evening Behind the Screen event, QUIZ SHOE, at Broken City, while horror buffs gushed about films like THE EYES OF MY MOTHER:

And the best part of it all? The party keeps going today!

If you missed the excellent thriller LET HER OUT or the Fort McMurray doc LIMIT IS THE SKY, both of those have encore screenings today. If you're a musician, you'll want to head over to the National Music Centre at Studio Bell for a music-themed Behind the Screen with local songwriter Russell Broom, as well as Bernard MacMahon, director of THE AMERICAN EPIC SESSIONS. That film premieres at 7:00, with both he and producer Allison McGourty in attendance (advance tickets for that are sold out, and rush tickets are very limited, so if you want to see the film you may want to consider the screening on Oct 1 @ 11 AM).

And it's here that the tough choices roll in: do you watch the acclaimed animated film WINDOW HORSES (with director Ann Marie Fleming in attendance), or do you sit in on the extremely relevant documentary WE CAN'T MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE TWICE? Do you embrace our Hump Night films (a sexy Shorts Package, SLASH, BARAKAH MEETS BARAKAH [rush line only, advance tickets are sold out!], and BELOW HER MOUTH), or will you watch the award-winning dramedy I, DANIEL BLAKE? Will it be the elegant tale of THE HANDMAIDEN or the gross-out guffaws of THE GREASY STRANGLER?

Whatever you choose, we know you'll enjoy it! Let us know what you think with the hashtag #calgaryfilm on Instagram and Twitter, or find us @calgaryfilm on both. See you at the screens!

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